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Halle Berry France

It is believed Halle Berry with Olivier Martinez want to carve out a new life in Europe.

Last week it was revealed that Halle Berry and her daughter’s father, Gabriel Aubry we told to go to counseling together for the sake of Nahla.  We all pretty much knew that nobody puts baby in the corner… or tells Halle what to do. So in what pretty much equates to, “I’m taking my ball and going home” Halle Berry is allegedly thinking about moving to France.  Except in this case, the ball is Nahla and home is France.  According to TMZ (so you know it’s true), she thinks it would be safer for her and her family.  That’s right, safer in France.  Gabby is being investigated for pushing Halle’s nanny… allegedly whilst holding Nahla.  But nannies know where their checks come from.  So Halle is doing what is best for Halle, and given her history with men, she’ll be back State side in time to screw up the rest of her daughter’s life.  Dailymail:

Halle Berry has decided she wants to move to France, and take her daughter with her.

The New Year’s Eve actress filed papers at court requesting to move away from Los Angeles to her boyfriend Olivier Martinez’s home country.

She will take her three-year-old daughter Nahla with her, but the child’s father Gabriel Aubry is not keen on the suggestion.



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