Julianne Hough and Ashley Tisdale compete for best bikini

Julianne Hough Ashely Tisdale

Pics like these are great…on many levels.  But in particular, it goes to the root of a girl’s insecurity.  “Celebrities” in particular.  There’s clearly a winner here (Julianne) and a loser.  Ashely knows it.  She’s going to work out harder, get more surgery, diet, get skinnier… and spiral out of control because that’s what Hollywood does.  And in fact, most places.  However, most places aren’t splashed across magazines.  Hollywood is.  So the pressure mounts.  It mounts because they have nothing else going for them.  No real discernible talent.  Without their agent, they are pretty much nothing.  There will always be somebody to replace you, and unlike having a real talent that can get better with practice, when talent is your face, it will only fade with time.

So vote.  Vote and let your cruel and judgmental voices be heard.  With any luck, you can play a part in the downward spiral of a Hollywood celebrity.  So vote with pride.

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