Hey Vin, What About The Chronicles Of Riddick?

fast 6 vin diesel paul walker 2013

fast 6 vin diesel paul walker 2013

“I didn’t start production on ‘Fast Five’ until the studio proved they had the treatment for a sixth film,” said Diesel, who now serves as a producer on the films as well. “When I returned to the franchise for the fourth film, I envisioned a trilogy following.”

Oh really, until the studio proved… proved what, that they’ll deal with your failed ego.  Mark over here (Vin Diesel because it sounds cooler) wasn’t going to do Fast and Furious 2… until all his other projects failed.  Now he’s wanting the studio to prove to him.  OIVEY.  Find Me Guilty… Chronicles of Riddick… come on.  He’s lucky the studio puts up with him.  Watch out Universal, he once had plans for Chronicles Of Riddick, and we all know how that went.  Thank God most of your audience has short attention spans.

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