Matt Damon Exclusive: We Bought A Zoo, Set Pics

matt damon we bought a zoo

matt damon los feliz

So I’m walking along Hilhurst Blvd.  and who do I happen to run into… Matt Damon, Cameron Crowe and Thomas Haden Church.  They’re filming a new movie, We Bought A Zoo.  I actually had run into a parazzo who suggested I go up and ask to take his picture… so I did and here are the results…  We talked about his kids, he held my daughter and seemed right at home with her.  He was looking at her, and I was looking at him.  What struck me was how good looking the guy is.  And big.

I yucked it up a bit with Thomas Haden Church  and Cameron Crowe.  I called Thomas, “Sandman” at first, because I couldn’t remember his name… and Cameron Crowe… Almost Famous?!

cameron crowe thomas hayden church we bought a zoo

cameron crowe thomas hayden church we bought a zoo, los feliz

I actually asked Matt if I could get a pic with him and the Kid.  He was more than happy to do it.  What a great guy.  I was tempted to use my Team America World Police voice…

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